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2018 - 2021 AGREEMENT




A   Calendar Formula

A1 School Calendar 2020-2021

A1 School Calendar 2021-2022

A1 School Calendar 2022-2023

A1 Instructional Calendar 2020-2021

B Formal Grievance

C Job Share Form

D Career Increment

E Teaching Salary Schedule

E1 Credentialed Salary Schedule for Extended Day/Year

E2 – Extra Duty Stipend Salary Schedule

E3 Certificated Hourly Pay

F – Benefits Sign-up Form

G – Individual Goal Setting Form

G-1 –Teacher Summative Evaluation Form

G-2 – Counselor Evaluation Form

G-3 – Psychologist Evaluation Form

G-4 – Nurse Evaluation Form

G-5 – Speech and Language Professionals Evaluation Form

H – Determination of Seniority "Tie-Breaking Criteria"

I – Catastrophic Leave Bank Member/Donation Form

I-1 - Catastrophic Leave Bank Delinquency/Replenishment/Notification Form

I-2 - Catastrophic Leave Bank Request Withdrawal Form

J – Request for Transfer or Reassignment Form

K – Elementary Class Size Mitigation Form

K-1 – Secondary Oversize Class Form







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